audience: Primarily the meme and food-loving online community
completion date: still going!
objectives: Establish a form of passive income while giving myself small, easy-to-tackle creative projects
approach: I keep a list of ideas for designs in my phone that I'll pull a random one from when I'm in the mood to take a break from my daily life. Designs usually take an hour or less, depending on how complex it is or how many times I have to change the design from what it looked like in my head. I use primarily Adobe Illustrator for the designs, although I'll start out on paper first to get a rough idea of the layout and silhouette of it. If it's simple enough in concept, I may just jump straight into Illustrator. RedBubble so far has been a good way for me to also explore my style and experiment with various software features that I hadn't used before.
Now, why "HoneyKiwi"? My online display name, being an avid gamer, has usually been either Kiwi or cosmicKiwis. I wanted to play on that, but make it a bit more tame/approachable. So, I just went with honey. Everyone loves food and sweet stuff, right? When making the mascot, it worked out that kiwi birds tend to be brown in color, and I could simply warm the tones to get the color of honey! They also don't have huge arms/wings to worry about, so it works out that the traditional honey bottle would suit the body of a kiwi and vice versa.
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software: Adobe Illustrator

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