A Masterpiece of Comic...Timing!
audience: Longwood and Farmville community walking around campus
completion date: Spring 2019
objectives: Create a poster to promote Longwood Theatre's upcoming performance of "A Masterpiece of Comic... Timing!"
approach: In the initial meeting, the clients brought up a specific scene they thought we could utilize: the alcoholic writer is duct taped (against his will, of course) to a wheelchair and is forced to finish writing his groundbreaking Broadway play. I tried to emulate the silliness of this scene by making the typewriter come to life with big eyes, fueled by the alcohol that is being poured into its mouth. For this poster, I chose to use my handcraft skills for all the elements and textures except for the typography. Sometimes I would use an exacto blade, but other times I would just rip the paper, such as with the pupils of the typewriter and with the edges of the "duct tape" to get the desired effect. I decided to use orange throughout because it's a color that conveys adventure and whimsicality, which I felt was appropriate given the ever-changing climate and copious amounts of alcohol.
software: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign

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