Midlothian HS Pit '19-'20
audience: The pit/frontline ensemble of the Midlothian HS Marching Trojans
completion date: Summer 2019
objectives: Create a sweatshirt design that matched the show's Celtic theme while representative of the section
approach: I had been working with the Midlo Pit for their first weeks of marching band camp, so I was familiar with the tone of the show. I wanted to incorporate the year and something about the Marching Trojans into the design, as seen in the center top and center bottom portions of my design. The knots run endlessly throughout each other in each shape, which I felt kept with the theme of their show that season. Their colors were blue and gold and had decided on having the hoodie material be blue, so they sent me a picture of the website hoodie preview so I could sample the color as best as possible. This led me to design using primarily gold and white with bold lines.
software: Adobe Illustrator

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