We Did That
audience: Eligible voters who were not initially planning on voting in the 2022 Midterms
completion date: October 2022
objectives: Get eligible voters to register to vote and take action on November 8; promote what Democrats have been accomplishing in office
approach: The client requested a print advertisement similar to one published for the last Midterms election cycle, also titled "We Did That". They provided finalized copy to use, which was quite lengthy. I knew I would have to resize it accordingly once printers such as The Reporter and The Courier sent us their specs. I wanted something that could be easily modified to fit various widths, so I designed the headlines in separable lines and left a lot of room at the bottom to re-arrange the details and photo. I could adjust any of these elements to fit a thinner or wider format. I also highlighted very specific lines in the body copy close to the headings so that even if someone was just skimming the paper and drawn to only a few places, they could still get the idea of how we achieved these accomplishments. 
software: Adobe Illustrator​​​​​​​

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