Think Theatre!
audience: Students, faculty and staff that frequent the Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Center (CSTAC) building on Longwood's campus; anyone who wants to view a performance hosted by the Longwood Theatre department.
completion date: Fall 2019
objectives: Illustrate several theatre-related quotes by known theatre arts figures, as well as provide wayfinding signage.
approach: For this job, the client had provided many quotes for us to accompany with illustrations of high-contrast portraits. They also requested that we design wayfinding signage to help those unfamiliar with the building find their way to areas commonly asked for. I was responsible for the box office signage and the two full-panel illustrations on the doors to the Mainstage theatre and the Lab theatre (shown below). My other team members were responsible for the other signage, the quotes, and the portrait illustrations, although I did assist in installing all the vinyl over the course of a few weeks.
 I did some research into particularly well-known plays, and although I wasn't surprised that a majority of them were Shakespeare, I then had to choose which ones I could convey clearly to people quickly passing by. The Mainstage theatre door design was based on Macbeth (left), while the Lab theatre depicts A Midsummer Night's Dream (right). Figuring out a way to summarize these famous Shakespeare plays was the most challenging part, especially since I wanted to only work with one color. For the Macbeth illustration, I chose to show Macbeth appearing gaunt, depraved, and desperate while he climbs over the pile of bodies. Yet despite all his efforts, is still unable to achieve his wicked dream of becoming king. For the illustration of A Midsummer Night's Dream, I had to switch gears and convey a lighter romantic comedy. I chose the iconic moment when the fairy, Puck, sprinkles a love potion upon Titania's eyelids while she slept, causing her to fall in love with Bottom. Because there was a dedication plaque on the Lab theatre door panel, I chose to fill the space between Titania and Bottom with hearts of varying size. During installation, I could then pick and choose how to arrange the hearts to work around the plaque.
software: Adobe Illustrator, Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter

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