Clean Virginia Waterways
audience: Volunteers and staff at the Clean Virginia Waterways office near Longwood University
completion date: Fall 2020
objectives: Illustrate a quote for the first wall that visitors see in the Clean Virginia Waterways office.
approach: For this job, the client had provided the quote to use by D. H. Lawrence. I wanted to make the typography a little playful and then mirror that playfulness in the way the fish are depicted below. Since the quote mentioned the sea, I was sure to illustrate some sort of ocean species of fish. After some research into what fish species would be found near Virginia, I chose striped sea bass. To ensure the quote was the primary focus of the design, I chose to use a navy vinyl for the typography and a frosted/translucent vinyl for the illustration below it.
software: Adobe Illustrator, Titan 3 Vinyl Cutter

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