Jordan Noë
audience: General public looking to get hair/makeup done
completion date: Fall 2018
objectives: Create a business card and establish a personal brand promoting Jordan Noë's hair and makeup services.
approach: For this job, Jordan wanted me to make her a graphic and a logo for her business cards to promote her personal brand. I wanted the designs to match a traditional tattoo aesthetic with the blackletter and barbed wire, but keep it simple with just one-color printing. For the "comb reaper", I wanted people to know that she styled hair while still adhering to her request to have a skeleton or reaper. I also made sure that when you flipped the card to the information side, the first thing to be seen was her name, then her logo, and then the rest of the details.
software: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign
Photography by Erin Eaton.

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