Abortion Advertisement for Hulu
audience: Consumers of Hulu's streaming services
completion date: July 2022
objectives: Create abortion-focused and gun violence-focused advertisements to submit to air on Hulu
approach: In 2022, Disney released a statement that Hulu would follow the rest of their company's advertisement guidelines about "controversial topics" such as abortion and gun violence, namely that they wouldn't allow any ads that focused on these topics or mentioned them for more than just a few seconds of the ad. In response to this, our creative team was asked to create two advertisements to submit to Hulu: one on abortion and one on gun violence. I was tasked with helping create and develop the abortion ad mostly, although I did help critique some of the gun violence piece.
To start on the abortion piece, we were given a script. We created a scratch audio track to work off of with timing and editing down any bulky phrasing. Once we decided on a script closer to the final version, I chunked it out into smaller pieces to work with and laid out the typography in an aggressive sans serif (Teko). I felt that the condensed nature of this typeface played well with the idea of Republicans restricting abortion access across the nation, adding a sense of tension. The primary challenge of laying out this script was the portion in the middle emphasizing the lack of exceptions in Republican anti-abortion laws. I couldn't put such triggering words on a screen that would be widely broadcasted, and we certainly didn't want to put any content in the advertisement that could give Hulu an excuse to reject it for some off-reason such as "inappropriate language" or "not suitable for all ages". If they rejected it, it would have to be because they don't want to air an ad about abortion. To counter this, I instead placed "NO EXCEPTION" in overwhelming numbers all over the screen. Other than the typographic layouts, I helped locate b-roll based in the USA, cut out the headshots of the Republicans showcased at the beginning of the advertisement, and provide an average-consumer perspective on audio and pacing.
software: Adobe Illustrator​​​​​​​

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