"Wee Kiwi" Character Animation
audience: Graphic and animation design students
completion date: Fall 2019
objectives: Create a short motion piece of an original character
approach: I started by coming up with the basis for my short motion piece: a short, round Kiwi character that the "player" can dress up and then play with. The twist is that the player is allowed to choose to not play with the little Kiwi, which then "crashes" the player's computer for being a jerk. I created all of the assets in Adobe Illustrator, and then imported them into After Effects. My goal was to emulate those browser-based Flash games with the overall aesthetic. At this point, I wasn't very familiar with After Effects and therefore avoided doing any complex motion with the character itself. However, if I were to do this again, I would certainly add some idle animations and maybe even change the soundtrack depending on the outfit the player "chooses".
software: Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

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