Longwood Gaming Club
audience: Longwood students, faculty and staff who are interested in anything related to gaming
completion date: Fall 2020
objectives: Create a logo that conveys the Longwood Gaming Club's laidback attitude and overall love for games
approach: The client said that they wanted the logo to show that they play all types of games while being pretty casual and welcoming. With this, I wanted to use a potion as my primary imagery. This is because potions are found in all sorts of games, whether they're a popular AAA video game or a classic table top RPG. The potion would be my way of conveying the variety of games they play, and I added in the controller buttons to the contents of the potion to emphasize the gaming aspect if the imagery were to stand alone. I also used the Longwood blue and secondary teal to further associate the club's brand with being an on-campus and official organization recognized by Longwood.
software: Adobe Illustrator

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